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Demand Generation

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Inbox Insight promote the best B2B content marketing practices enhanced by a data-driven approach. We believe putting audience insights at the heart of every digital campaign, drives superior experiences for both our business communities and clients.

It’s about continuously leveraging audience intelligence to understand what they want to hear, and translating this into thoughtful demand generation campaigns that resonate with decision makers across the full buyer journey.

Essential B2B Buyer­ Insights for Tech Vendors

Key trends driving demand

Our latest Tech Buyer Intelligence Report reveals key insight into the influential factors shaping the demand for B2B Tech Solutions. Get ahead of the curve and learn how to turn Insight into strategic advantage.

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B2B marketing content intelligence insights

12 B2B Marketing Intelligence Insights THEY Don't Want You to Know

While on the surface it may appear brands are operating fully fledged data-driven strategies, our research among senior B2B Marketers revealed some startling discrepancies in the acquisition and application of Content Intelligence.

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  • 67% of senior marketers perceive a high threat level from new market entrants using emerging AI to identify and apply better intelligence
  • 62.5% don’t use intelligence gathered from content engagement metrics to inform their strategy
  • 55% are not getting the right Content Intelligence to improve conversion rates

Ready to Tap into the Psyche of Your B2B Buyers?

Ever been ‘ghosted’ by a prospect? This could have been the result of another member of the DMU's involvement. Here's how to keep the whole DMU on your side.


Create a Demand Gen Strategy that Drives Results

Focus your strategy to help you reach new heights and build long-term relationships.

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Marketo The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics

Today’s CMO is allocating more time and budget than ever before to understand marketing’s performance and influence on growth.

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This guide will help you answer these key questions:

  • What are the most important marketing metrics for my team to consider?
  • How can I measure my various marketing programs’ impact on revenue and profit?
  • How can I best communicate marketing results with my executive team and board?

6 Demand Generation KPIs You Should be Measuring

When it comes to measuring demand generation success, it’s important to set metrics from the start. What you count as success needs to be defined early in the planning process, so which KPIs are the most important?

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