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Report How marketers use content intelligence to keep their strategy aligned with real-time content demand

How Do B2B Marketers Align Their Marketing Strategy With Real-Time Content Demand?

This report comes from our research mini-series on the acquisition and strategic application of Content Intelligence in B2B marketing

Marketers need to constantly develop market understanding, to ensure their content is relevant and current to the needs and desires of their target audiences. If you have read our guide 'How do B2B marketers make data-driven targeting decisions?' you will have seen how Content Intelligence exposes the most relevant and best fit opportunities but what impact is it having on the types of content B2B marketers are using to engage – and ultimately win them?

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In this report we uncover…

  • How to use content AI to identify core topic areas and themes that will resonate with your audience
  • How to expose your competitor’s content strategy, identifying keywords and topics underpinning their tactics
  • How to combine intent data across different 1st and 3rd party sources to give a 360 of both your audience and performance
  • How to capture insights on an individual, buyer group and account level