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Report The Holy Grail of B2B Marketing Segmentation

The Holy Grail of B2B Marketing Segmentation

Your definitive guide to the best B2B segmentation approaches for 2021

51% of senior B2B marketers struggle to obtain the right data to accurately segment their audience. As segmentation forms the foundation for digital marketing success, we explore the top targeting techniques to ensure you’re set with the most effective tactics for engaging with modern B2B buyers. Complete with a handy DMU planner, discover the best tried and tested B2B segmentation approaches in this in-depth guide. How do yours compare?

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  • How to increase conversion rates through refining your criteria
  • Why 99% of marketers agree that customer relationships are advanced by personalization
  • 25 telling B2B insights that indicate the future of B2B decision making
  • How to build an army of advocates from within your target accounts
  • Why B2B segmentation and ABM go hand in hand, with 88% of senior B2B marketers seeing higher conversions when using ABM