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Ebook The 7-Step Guide to Sales Acceleration for B2B Marketers

The 7-Step Guide to Sales Acceleration for B2B Marketers

Looking to accelerate your B2B sales pipeline?

With 88% of B2B marketers seeing improvements in conversion rates when applying a data driven strategy, it’s clear that advanced targeting can significantly boost conversions and drive ROI. How can Sales Acceleration be achieved in the current B2B landscape? Discover 7 key strategies to aid accelerating the B2B sales process without having to invest in yet another piece of MarTech – our expert guide reveals everything you need to know…

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Explore the following 7 key strategies to drive B2B Sales Acceleration:

  • Data Science: Look-a-Like Modelling, Intent Data and Propensity Modelling
  • ABM: Velocity and Penetration
  • Business Development Representatives (BDRs)
  • Lead Quality and Prioritization
  • Content that Intercepts and Engages
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Measurement and Key Metrics.