6 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Personalized Sales Funnel


Mark WoodcockManaging Director at Bigfoot Digital

Thursday, August 15, 2019

When selling online, you may question if your digital efforts are being fulfilled. After all, sales are necessary for your business' growth.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Personalized Sales Funnel

You can create an optimized, high-quality website and still fail to hit your sales targets. Regardless of the amount of traffic that reaches your site, you'll likely know that turning clicks into paying customers is not a simple task.

What is a sales funnel?

Creating a personalized sales funnel is a step in the right direction. The sales funnel process will simplify your selling, creating a practical method that builds trust with your audience. Sales funnels are a controlled marketing method that encompasses the customer's journey from business discovery to becoming a loyal customer.

There's an array of services and products out there, and customers are looking for companies that can offer them a little bit extra. The idea behind a sales funnel is to make your business stand out, give the customer a better offer, and create a stronger connection.

Personalized strategies are essential to building that connection and are continuing to be used in a variety of ways. Targeted marketing is what engages the customer in following the sales path you create. When selling, using a sales funnel allows you to personalize your approach to the customer and nurture your potential leads into the purchase. What's more, you can retarget customers at any stage within the funnel.

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6 key benefits of creating a personalized sales funnel

A more personalized sales funnel can provide your marketing strategy a number of different benefits, including:

1. You have a specific process in place that is designed to sell

As mentioned, generic sales tactics aren't cutting it and are often labelled as nuisances that are too rigid and impersonal. With a sales funnel, you have a customizable template that is designed to sell.

By creating a funnel, you can customize sales methods that bring awareness, develop leads, build relationships, and then sell. Having this process in place brings automation to your sales. Once set up effectively and with a clear goal in mind, a sales funnel will bring in sales around the clock.

Whether you visualize your funnel in the top, middle, and bottom segments or into categories that fit your aims, the template of the funnel can be adapted for your business and your customers. Using software such as ClickFunnels, creating a sales funnel doesn’t have to be complicated. You can produce landing pages that are designed to convert using a simple drag and drop editor; you don’t require coding, design or even sales expertise to set up a funnel template.

2. You create a more personalized sales approach

There are several benefits of creating a sales funnel with personalization in mind. Every level of your sales funnel can be customized, and interaction with all levels of your sales funnel will give you further insight into your consumer's behavior.

Most personalization takes place in the middle of the funnel, at a stage where you have collected data and are looking to build relationships with your leads. However, customization at the top and bottom of your funnel can also be essential to set you apart from competitors.

As a business, you know who your customers are, but their wants can vary significantly. Your traffic is made up of people who are each looking for entirely different things and have various awareness levels of your products or services. So, targeting each lead is difficult.

A well-built sales funnel is the solution to this. Your visitors are made up of cold, warm, and hot traffic in the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel respectively. However, it's challenging to develop leads from prospects in the top of your funnel, having little awareness of your brand. If you develop a sales funnel that provides something of value in exchange for contact details on your squeeze page (a page designed specifically for consumers in the awareness stage that will nurture them through your funnel), you can retarget the individuals who now have a newly formed interest in your brand.

From this, you develop your awareness strategies and landing page with an accurate picture of your customer in mind. You'll have an insight into the information that your customer needs with valuable resources at the top of your funnel to set your business apart from competitors.

3. You build a strong relationship with prospects

Ultimately, the purpose of a well-designed sales funnel is to build strong relationships that drive sales. Taking place within the middle of the funnel, personal interaction with leads can be fundamental in nurturing prospects into conversions.

You can build an instant connection with customers by personalizing how you approach them. If done correctly, your sales funnel will have gathered useful information at the top of the funnel. From this, you can fine-tune your interactions and target potential leads.

To encourage warm traffic, use strategies like email marketing as an opportunity to build a rapport with your lead and develop brand trust. Give customers personalized interactions that show you’re interested in giving them a service or product that’s of value.

Monitor how prospects interact with your sales funnel to determine the services or products that warm traffic is interested in. Depending on this, you can adjust your actions. If the prospect is interested in a specific service, point them to your relevant content like a blog post or infographic that will be of use to them. By reaching out to your leads via email or other channels that enable a conversation, their consumer experience is improved.

Customers are likely to feel loyal to those who they have a better relationship with and who can offer valuable resources. This will change your lead's perceptions of your brand and can be what converts a lead into a customer.

4. You remove the need for pushy sales tactics that can tarnish a brand's reputation

At the bottom of the funnel is where the sales are taking place. The process to get here has been personalized for each lead and designed with value in mind. When intending to close the sale and make the most of an opportunity to upsell, it's vital not to be blindsided by profits and lose customer focus.

Use the knowledge of your customer to complete the sale and upsell an additional product or service that fits within your customer's needs. After personalizing your interactions throughout the whole process, the customer will trust that you have their best interests in mind when making additional sales.

Unlike other sales tactics, previous interactions that build trust and awareness uphold the sales funnels. By keeping your sales in line with your insight into the customer, your brand’s reputation is not at risk of damage by forceful sales methods.

At this stage, hot traffic prospects are looking to overstep any questions regarding the sale. Make sure that all the necessary information is provided to them, but also keep everything covered by reaching out to loyal customers for feedback and improvements.

When retargeting at this point of the funnel, make your leads aware of the offers they can’t refuse. Knowing how the customer has engaged with your content, it should be clear how to convert this prospect into profit.

5. You Increase ROI with reliable data

Retargeting opt-ins. In today's data-rich environment, marketers are using this process to drive sales and grow their business. After creating a sales funnel that provides useful resources in exchange for contact details, you'll collect a bank of data. The names, email addresses, contact numbers and other information provided can be used to target and retarget leads.

There are several ways to retarget consumers and bring them back into your funnel. As mentioned, you can use email marketing strategies that will better your relationship with customers. Or, depending on the type of information that your squeeze page collected, you can determine other appropriate contact methods, such as social media messaging. A customer who is familiar with your brand is more likely to be responsive to your relationship-building efforts, so retargeting is an optimum choice.

Retargeting those who left. It's easy to overlook the visitors that bounce from your page. Using the data that your funnel generates is an opportunity to guide lost traffic back to your funnel. With Clickfunnels, you can add retargeting pixels into your pages, track the behavior of your potential prospects, and remarket to this audience.

The most prominent platform to target your traffic is Google Display Network. Using the tracking data that your retargeting pixel has gathered, you can use this information to re-engage with a personalized audience who are likely to convert. Use this feature to reconnect with prospects who visited your pages but then left your site. Google will run banner ads on relevant websites that will follow your leads and encourage them to re-enter your sales funnel.

Monitor your sales funnel to maximize ROI: By ensuring that your sales funnel has proper data management, you’ll gather secure data that has a multitude of uses. To make the most of your data, implement other tools such as Google Analytics and HotJar heatmaps to get an insight into user behavior. By understanding how your customers interact with your pages, you can monitor the performance of your funnel and see potential gaps for improvement.

6. You create brand-loyal customers

You now have access to a customer-base that trusts your brand enough to make purchases. This is an opportunity to upsell a higher-ticket product that can go hand in hand with their previous purchase.

Target the customer with options that will support their previous purchase. Whether you use targeted ads or a personalized email campaign, aim to keep the customer within your brand’s space. After all, you’ve created a trusted relationship with your customer that encourages reengagement. With a personalized sales funnels, you can fine-tune not only an individual customer experience, but also strengthen the overall business.

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