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Report Kooomo Unlocking the Power of B2B eCommerce

Unlocking the Power of B2B eCommerce

Whats in store for B2B eCommerce...

B2B eCommerce is booming with the sector predicted to be worth £5.2 trillion in 2020, leading to a shift in demand for B2B eCommerce support and a modernised process. eCommerce is the logical next step for both B2B or B2C companies. It’s very much a primary channel for distribution in today’s society and those who wait to implement could see themselves eclipsed by their competitors. Read this report to explore how the partnership between PureNet and Kooomo will open up B2B companies to new opportunities. Learning from previous case studies and delving into the features and functionality of a platform that supports B2B eCommerce.

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"B2B eCommerce will be worth £5.2 trillion by 2020"