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Webinar Seize the Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce Opportunity with Brian Beck

Seize the Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce Opportunity with Brian Beck Part One: Leadership and Alignment

The need for leadership as an essential catalyst to drive change in an organization, without proper leadership B2B eCommerce does not happen effectively.

Join part one of this eight part series: Leadership and Alignment, featuring Brian Klaus, Director of eCommerce at Johnstone Supply to learn how to set your organization up for success and ensure you have the correct players in place to break the chains of traditional business practices, demolish silos and inaction, create alignment, and begin a digital transformation.

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Key Points to Cover in Session:

  • Leadership’s role in Digital Transformation
  • COVID-19 - how to adapt to change with agility
  • Key leadership characteristics for B2B eCommerce success – breaking the traditional hiring norms for manufacturers and distributors
  • Key roles needed for success in eCommerce
  • Accountability structure for success
  • Practical applications of these concepts • Key concepts and tactics the audience can apply to their business today