Shopping Addiction in the USA

Josh Wardini

Josh WardiniEditorial Contributor and Community Manager

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Many people in the USA love going shopping. Not only can it be used as a necessity for people to get the items they need, but it can also be a fun weekend activity and a great excuse to catch up with friends.


Shopping is a hobby that can be done by anyone, young or old, male or female, alone or with a group of friends, as a couple, or as a family. One thing is for sure, we are living in a consumer society, and brands are making it easier and easier for people to go shopping.

Despite the fact that for many it is just a fun activity that can be stopped at any time, for some, shopping has a darker side. When people think of addictions, the first thing that comes to mind is activities such as gambling, smoking, and drinking, but actually, a shopping addiction can be just as bad.

Many Americans have got into thousands of dollars of debt due to their shopping addiction, and the stress of this debt can have a hugely detrimental effect on their health and relationships.

One element that is fueling shopping addictions is the rise of online commerce. People no longer need to leave the house if they want to make a purchase; they simply have to access their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Currently, shopping addictions affect 18 million people in the USA, with people developing addictions for a wide range of different reasons. This type of addiction is more likely to affect those in their late teens or early adulthood.

Although some people that have an addiction are open about it, many people still feel like they have to hide their obsession from friends and family. 36.7% of people feel guilt or shame after they have been shopping, and 20.5% of people feel as though they need to hide their purchases from their families.

Despite the fact that shopping addictions are a big problem in the USA, there are many people who have come out the other side, either thanks to support from friends and family, or through an organized therapy session.

This infographic from looks at how shopping addictions impact the American population.

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