Consumer Buying Trends: What You Need to Know


Jess AndrianiMarketing Manager at Connext Digital

Friday, November 23, 2018

When it comes to communicating with consumers, you need to know how they shop and what they’re interested in in order to reach the right people in the right way. So how can you strategize your eCommerce marketing to better reflect this?

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Consumer Buying Trends: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

Before, you’d have to clear your schedule to run a trip to the mall to find a particular product. Even the simple task of comparing prices of goods could take a huge chunk of your day to accomplish.

Thanks to modern-day technology, people can now get past a sales representative and shop online with just a few taps, and in the comfort of their own home—at any time of the day.

Brands acknowledge this change and are doing everything they can to adapt. But putting your business online isn’t enough. With the growing number of eCommerce websites, online marketplaces and social media shops (i.e., Facebook Marketplace, Instagram), you have to go above and beyond just to be noticed.

Good customer experience can ignite word-of-mouth marketing and increase your company’s revenue, making it imperative to delight and excite audiences. You also need to engage with your customers to provide an excellent shopping experience, one that can leave a positive impression.

If you want to retain your customers, reach a wider audience, and boost your revenue, you have to understand the trends in consumer buying behavior, so you can strategize accurately. Here’s an infographic that will help you understand how consumers shop and help you elevate your digital marketing efforts.

The Consumer Buying Behavior in the Digital Age

Jess Andriani

Jess Andriani works as a Marketing Manager at Connext Digital. She believes that everyday is a chance to learn something new. In her free time, she writes about Digital Marketing.


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