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Infographic Bazaarvoice

The 3 Types of Product Imagery Consumers Need

It used to be that you'd inspire potential customers with an alluring window display.

Something so that when shoppers are walking down the high street, their attention is captured. Then, hopefully, they enter your store. And ideally make a purchase or 10. But, a question: How do you inspire shoppers an increasingly-online world? A lot goes into launching a new product. Every detail is planned with attention and care. From product ideation and creation, to marketing collateral and go-live day, a successful product launch is a well-oiled machine.

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Answer: By utilizing the perfect visual and social content, and displaying it across your site. Online shoppers want to be inspired. They don’t want the same product imagery over and over again. So it’s your job to inspire them. 

Here’s how it’s done.