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Case Study BigCommerce

Navigating COVID-19: 3 Retailers Respond and Thrive

For better or worse, shifting consumer buying behaviors have created a distinct opportunity for retailers to adapt to the changing commerce landscape in innovative ways.

Learn how three merchants were able to successfully pivot and thrive under the new retail landscape. Thompson Tee saw an 80% drop in sales when COVID-19 hit. Tin Pot Creamery and Sara Campbell both found themselves without effective digital sales channels. To survive and thrive in this new era, all three merchants leveraged BigCommerce to adapt to new consumer demands and commerce trends.

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See how these retailers made strategic investments in their digital experience to:

  • Release new products to pivot quickly
  • Launch new sites in record speed
  • Open new channels to drive brand awareness
  • Expand their potential customer market
  • More directly tie ad spend to conversions