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Ebook The Guide to E-Commerce Personalization

The Guide to E-Commerce Personalization

On the business landscape there is one powerful consumer preference that persists regardless of what tools, technologies, and tactics arise to change the game: personalization.

Indeed, while today’s consumers can buy anything from a pair of shoes to a new car from the convenience of their smartphone, an enduring expectation remains — they expect brands to treat them like a unique individual. And most consumers do not hesitate to penalize brands that fail to deliver on their high expectations for personalization.

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This guide will cover:

  • How to use micro-conversions and micro-interactions to glean visitor data
  • Why a little friction on the customer journey is a good thing
  • Key questions for designing e-commerce personalization
  • Common obstacles to delivering personalized content
  • How auto-personalization helps brands deliver on the promise of personalization

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