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Report Recurly Consumer Subscription Retail Services Report

Consumer Subscription Retail Services Report

Using pause features to curb subscription cancellation

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the consumers’ health and stability around the globe are undoubtedly extreme and highly distressing . Yet countless consumers are forced to deal with unforeseen events that impact their ability or desire to keep paying for subscription services even in more normal times. Providers have a choice when these situations inevitably arise: They can either require their customers to cancel for good or allow their customers to put their services on hold temporarily. Research shows that 14 .2 million consumers would use these features if they were available, and the presence of such options might even prevent subscribers from canceling their subscriptions altogether.

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  • Sizing up the subscription service market
  • Quantifying the cancellation problem
  • The pause potential
  • Why subscribers cancel, and why pause features can help
  • And more!