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Report Magento 11 Obstacles to B2B Business Growth

11 Obstacles to B2B Business Growth

With experience of working with B2B companies across industries, Magento have curated a list of 11 most common obstacles to B2B eCommerce success...

What started as a revolution in the B2C world, with Amazon and eBay leading the front, eCommerce is now impacting the world of B2B commerce. eCommerce is permanently altering the way B2B businesses work—from customer acquisition to customer retention, and from order fulfilment to building a relationship with customers.

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Top Tips: 
  • B2B and B2C eCommerce have their differences, so be sure to choose an eCommerce vendor that  has experience with B2B businesses
  • B2B eCommerce does not work in isolation - customer expect an omni-channel experience
  • Don’t ignore the integration needs of your eCommerce system