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Report Quadient The Future of Customer Communications in EMEA

The Future of Customer Communications in EMEA

Unlocking the Power of CCM

57% of companies in EMEA plan to increase their investment in CCM. Explore this strategic analysis of the future of customer communications in Europe through the latest IDC report. This exclusive report reveals technological priorities to optimize the efficiency of customer communications. Discover how innovative solutions such as Quadient Inspire help you rethink the digitization of your document workflows. Download your free copy now to explore the major trends impacting customer communication and prepare your 2024 strategy.

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This report delves into the following themes:

  • Key trends in the global and EMEA market of Customer Communication Management (CCM),
  • Emerging technologies aimed at modernizing customer communications,
  • Investment forecasts of companies in the region for document composition applications,
  • Benefits of transitioning to the Cloud.