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Webinar Hear SAS and Valtech's Transformation Story

Hear SAS and Valtech's Transformation Story

Maria Alfredéen, Daniel Calà and David Fuchslin had a candid conversation about how they built a modern web development department at SAS that brought an engineering mindset to the organization and changed their way of working. Learn more from them about why bringing value to the customer is the key reference point for new initiatives, the benefits of implementing a modern tech stack, how COVID-19 sped things up and how Contentful helped SAS achieve their goals.

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“A general problem you will see in a large organization is that we try to do too much at the same time… During a crisis, I often see the pattern change. Suddenly we will have a strong focus… the same goals and everyone working together and collaborating to try and bring the best customer value every day. And really what we have seen is that despite being fewer in numbers we actually deliver more. With a focus, we can deliver more to our customers.”Maria Alfredéen, Head of Digital Development, SAS