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Webinar Blueshift What the CDP?!

What the CDP?!

What is a Customer Data Platform (and why should marketers care)?

While it’s a relatively straightforward acronym, a ton of incorrect information and hype has been attached to the phrase Customer Data Platform, so it’s very understandable that so many marketers are left scratching their heads.

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Join David Raab of the CDP Institute and Shamir Duverseau of Smart Panda Labs in this on-demand webinar What the CDP?! to dive into CDP. Here are some top takeaways:

  • How CDP unifies fragmented, disjointed data from any source, channel, or touchpoint
  • Easy messaging execution with pre-built connections to other platforms or touchpoints
  • Delivers 1:1 personalization across channels, leveraging catalog and content data
  • Why all CDPs are not the same