AI is Changing How We Do Content Marketing


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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Artificial intelligence is helping to evolve content marketing but how will it change the roles of marketers?

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AI is Changing How We Do Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has suddenly gone from the realms of science fiction into the very real world. For many businesses, the technology is now at the stage where they need to seriously consider how it will impact their industry and - more importantly - how they will leverage it.

Content marketing is no different. Much like other industries, marketers have been braced for AI to steal their jobs or completely revolutionize their roles to the point where they are no longer qualified to compete. However, this isn't the case quite yet.

In fact, artificial intelligence can be incredibly valuable to marketers, making their jobs easier and bringing them closer to their consumers.

AI may have altered the art of content marketing but it's how skilled marketers use the technology to their advantage that is making the difference. With businesses looking to increase their investment in this area, professionals need to understand how the industry is likely to evolve to make the most of AI.

So how is artificial intelligence changing content marketing?

Consumer engagement

Machine learning is an aspect of AI that is particularly useful to marketers. As data-driven campaigns become increasingly popular, machine learning allows large chunks of information to be gathered, stored and analyzed.

This offers a huge amount of potential for content marketing. For one, it makes it easier for companies to build more accurate customer profiles to base their campaigns around, increasing engagement levels. It also offers content marketers the chance to leverage tools, such as chatbots, to improve engagement throughout the user journey.

For example, if you identify a segment of your buyer cycle that is experiencing high drop-off levels then implementing a chatbot could help guide users to content that takes them through to the next stage or alleviates their concerns directly.


The large amounts of data that AI makes it possible to collect also means that it's a lot easier to personalize content marketing campaigns for each individual customer. Email newsletters can be based on the preferences or buying history of each individual consumer, allowing you to make recommendations for content or services that will engage them.

Marketers can also use this data to design bespoke journeys through the buyer cycle for certain customers. For example, you may find that younger users operate in a very different way compared to older customers or that your audience is split into B2B and B2C who want different things from the buyer cycle. AI allows you to better understand your consumers and offer options so customers can communicate with you in the way that makes most sense to them.

Content discovery

One of the biggest hurdles in content marketing is getting your articles or infographics seen by the people you need to read them. Artificial intelligence can offer a helping hand in this area too.

By using machine learning to collect information about consumers from the start of content creation, marketers can massively increase the chances that what they're producing will engage the necessary audiences. This can be achieved by tailoring strategies, as discussed in personalization and engagement, but also by improving marketers' understanding of relevant topics and consumer intent.

For example, AI can be used to help determine what content has performed the best with which segments of a consumer base. These can then be taken by marketers to identify trends that can be evolved into the next campaign strategy. Predictive intelligence can also allow brands to connect with customers during their unique journeys, such as suggesting certain content types.

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