Which MarTech Tool Do You Need the Most? [Quiz]


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Monday, September 17, 2018

MarTech can elevate any element of a marketing campaign but do you know what tools you're in most need of?

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Which MarTech Tool Do You Need the Most? [Quiz]

Marketing's thought leaders understand the potential of MarTech. But if you are familiar with the field, you'll also know that it is a vast and sometimes confusing area to navigate. From identifying the most important area to invest to being able to bring your data together into one easy-to-access place, there are a number of challenges MarTech poses.

Why you might need analytics

Showing ROI is one of the most important parts of any aspect of business, and marketing is no different. MarTech analytics solutions can bring all campaign data together, allowing you to understand more about your campaign. From knowing more about where you're being most profitable to gaining insight about where your leads are coming from, investing in analytics can give you a much better perspective on your marketing.

Why you might need email MarTech

Email marketing campaigns still offer a valuable resource for companies of all sizes and for those trying to develop more meaningful relationships with their customers. Using MarTech to send personalized messages to new or cold leads can be an effective way of making a positive impression on people that you have a very limited connection with. You can also use this opportunity to offer exclusive deals or incentives to draw them back in and MarTech will track your rate of success.

Why you might need social media MarTech

Social media remains one of the best ways to reach out and engage new consumers. MarTech can streamline your activities, bringing all the cross-platform information you have into one place. This will help you understand what content you're sharing that is generating new follows, likes or reposts and other important factors like the best time of day to push posts out.

Why you might need a CRM

It's in a brand's best interest to try and keep the customers it's already got rather than go out and acquire new ones. A CRM that focuses on relationships will allow you to clearly understand what is happening to consumers after they convert and how you can best encourage loyalty and return purchases from them. This software will also allow you to segment your audience by certain behaviors so you can make the most of your marketing budget.

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