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Report Quadient CCM 101

CCM 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Communication Management Technology

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We all know that companies compete today based on customer experience. Today’s customers want relevant, personalized communications that are available on-demand and accessible via the device of their choice. But in this discussion, we’re not talking about marketing communications that attract customers through social campaigns or digital ads. We’re talking about all the interactions that occur after that – quotes, customer onboarding, contracts, welcome kits, bills, statements, upsell/cross-sell communications, and so on. Download a complimentary copy of the guide today.

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Designed with newcomers to Customer Communication Management (CCM) in mind, this guide will help you understand (in simple terms):

  • What customer communications management (CCM) technology is
  • What CCM does that other business applications don't
  • Who CCM is for
  • Why CCM is a critical component of your enterprise tech stack
  • How CCM can empower your staff to deliver meaningful customer interactions across the entire customer journey