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Research Communications: A Data-Driven Activation Guide and Category Report

Communications: A Data-Driven Activation Guide and Category Report

Where does demand for Communications solutions lie?

Find out where your in-market buyers are investing based on first party research uncovering key market trends and their most pressing pain points. While 83% of customers expect to solve complex problems by speaking to one person, the reality for 53% is that most support interactions are fragmented. What’s more, 80% of consumers would rather speak to a machine to avoid long wait times. Insights like these can provide Communications vendors with the know-how to target and engage B2B buyers and perfect their content strategy for the year ahead…

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  • The greatest challenges facing Communications professionals
  • Key market trends and investment areas guiding Communications vendors
  • Where current demand for Communications solutions lie
  • How to create content that resonates and engages in-market buyers
  • What’s next in this space…