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Report SOCi Localization:  More Important Now Than Ever

Localization: More Important Now Than Ever

Q2 2020: State of the market report

In Q1 2020, COVID-19 drastically impacted everyone’s lives. While social distancing became the new norm, marketers had to continuously think about how to navigate the new digitally focused world to remain top-of-mind for consumers. The world has become even more digitally-focused amid this pandemic, and a brand’s marketing strategy must align to take advantage of this digital-first world.

Report Snap Shot

  • How brands using the SOCi platform are ranking against overall multi-location marketing benchmarks (LMBR 2020) based on Q1 2020 performance
  • If brands are prepared to meet consumers where they’re spending even more time digitally, they will be prepped to rebound and even gain momentum for the new landscape that lies ahead post COVID-19