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Webinar Reprise Media Get ready for GA4

Get ready for GA4

Reprise partners with google to help you!

GA4 promises to revolutionise how we think about web analytics, with an entirely new platform that puts a greater emphasis on user privacy, cookie-less browsing and machine learning. But with the date for GA4 to replace Universal Analytics looming, there is a lot of work for many brands to do if they are going to continue to have accurate, usable data to inform their marketing strategies in the future. In this Reprise Digital webinar, Kit Sandford, UK Head of Analytics, and Chris Schimkat, Global Head of Analytics, will be joined by Alice Crawley, Data & Measurement Solutions Lead – Google Analytics 360, to explain how brands should approach the launch of Google Analytics 4.

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  • What are the key features and additions in GA4
  • What you need to do to prepare for the end of Universal Analytics in June 2023.
  • Why you need to start planning the change now, in order to make the most of your existing data.
  • Best practice guidance for making the switch from UA to GA4.
  • How to align GA4 with performance marketing.