How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns


Jess AndrianiMarketing Manager at Connext Digital

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The brain is a very powerful organ, and possibly the most complex part of the human body, controlling how we think, act, or feel in any given situation. This makes psychology one of the most important disciplines for anyone who wants to understand human behavior.

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How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

As a result, you need to master the science of human psychology in digital marketing if you want to influence consumers’ decisions in a way that’s beneficial to your business. When you know your customers’ behavior or preferences, you’ll be able to predict more or less how they’ll respond to your campaigns.

Then, it will be easy for you to use specific triggers, which can include social proof, well-placed call-to-action buttons, anchor text, and so on, to help you produce marketing messages that appeal to the emotions of your target audience. There’s psychology in digital marketing.

Indeed, psychology can be a valuable tool that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Through a better understanding of your audience, you can easily identify the right approach to engage consumers and move them through the buying journey with more success.

In the following infographic, you’ll gain insights about certain principles in psychology and how you can apply them in the field of marketing.

Using psychology to boost digital marketing campaigns

Jess Andriani

Jess Andriani works as a Marketing Manager at Connext Digital. She believes that everyday is a chance to learn something new. In her free time, she writes about Digital Marketing.


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