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COVID-19 and The State of Digital Marketing

COVID-19 has reshaped our current economic landscape, introducing new strategic questions for all industries, especially hospitality and physical retail.

With so much change to our industry happening in real-time, it’s crucial to be able to take a step back and re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and focus on incremental changes that you can choose to impact your business positively. Staying ahead means staying human, in the know and quickly pivoting and adjusting to provide solutions to consumers’ changing needs.

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We analyze the myriad questions, uncertainties and solutions that come with navigating the COVID economy, and how marketing teams must keep up in the “new normal.” The analysis looks at publicly available data, proprietary data, anecdotes and findings from partners, such as StackAdapt, Drift and 180byTwo, who work across the digital services continuum from data to delivery and in-between.