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Ebook sitecore 5 Hard Truths for Marketers Driving Digital Experience

5 Hard Truths for Marketers Driving Digital Experience

Your digital-first vision isn’t a guaranteed reality

Today, senior marketers are expected to drive their organization’s digital experience and steer its digital-first vision. Making this transformation is critical for success, but martech stacks have never been more complicated. And many marketers just don’t have the defined strategy, budget, understanding or buy-in from the rest of the organization to make change happen. This eBook outlines the 5 hard truths for marketers driving digital experience, including what’s holding you back and how to move past it to your digital-first vision a reality.

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  1. The C-Suite is just not that into you
  2. Personalization is not one-size-fits-all
  3. AI alone won’t save you
  4. Doing nothing is not an option
  5. Customer data is your kryptonite

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