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Report Jifflenow Why Your Events Fail to Drive Business

Why Your Events Fail to Drive Business

Colossal events, such as OracleWorld, Dreamforce and CES can attract upwards to 200,000 attendees and cost millions to produce.

With so much money and resources required to create these large-scale productions, there’s often one question that nags at CMOs: Is it worth it? The ultimate goal of these events is to turn attendees into customers by scheduling high-value strategic meetings where customers are connected to the company representatives best suited to solve their business challenges. But how do you do this successfully and what are the real reasons that events fail to convert? Download this whitepaper to find out more!

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To help companies maximize the business results of their conference events, Jifflenow, the cloud-based Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) pioneer, has created a software solution designed to increase the number and quality of strategic meetings. With input from Jifflenow, customers, partners, and top analysts, we share first-hand insights into the following topics : 

  • The psychology of why event marketing works 
  • The reasons why event marketing fails 
  • How a MAP advances sales opportunities, increases win rates, and significantly reduces the effort needed to book more meetings at events. 
  • How a cloud-based MAP solution can dramatically change the outcome of your events