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Ebook 7 Quick Tactics to Make Up the Demand Gap

7 Quick Tactics to Make Up the Demand Gap

Your stomach drops learning that an event you’ve been building toward just got cancelled. Welcome to the club.

We know you probably have limited marketing investment budgets, so it’s a real downer when an event you’re sponsoring gets cancelled. But if you now have some of that budget back, what can you do to try to fill the gap for your sales team? We’re here to redirect you and churn out some quick wins so that your team isn’t in a demand desert. Here are a few approaches to not lose out on momentum due to cancellations.

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Event organizers are scrambling to repurpose months and months of work- not to mention potentially losing their main source of revenue. Now is the time to pull together as a community of event organizers, sponsors and attendees alike. If we keep that sense of community that brought us all together in the first place, together we can all weather this storm. - Hannah Babinicz, Owner at Karin-Blue Events