How Outstanding Content Can Attract People to Your Event


Nelly AchiWriter, Social Media and Content Marketing Manager

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Marketing your event to the right people is the key to boosting attendance. Considering content marketing can be such a powerful tool for influencing decisions, it would be foolish to not implement this tactic. So how do you adapt your content strategy?

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How Outstanding Content Can Attract People to Your

The success of your promotional event depends on the number of people who came and participated. And when organizing, you’ll want to inform as many potential visitors as possible. You’ve probably already considered most types of communication, from TV and radio ads to outdoor advertising (banners, posters, and flyers).

But nowadays, people heavily rely on the virtual world, particularly social media, to gather information. Without promoting your event through the internet, you’re missing out on a bigger target reach. And we’re not just talking about a few hundred people. We’re talking about reaching thousands, even millions of potential customers. That’s why the online presence of a business is important.

Promoting Marketing Events through Digital Contents

In today’s tech-savvy world, it is safe to assume that without putting it online, it is as if your business does not exist. Thus, developing an outstanding content strategy for your events is a crucial step to success. More importantly, it brings value to your customers so they keep coming back.

On the other hand, poorly written content will certainly have a negative impact on your business. For many, the main struggle is not being able to give enough time to plan a content strategy, such as:

  • What kind of content should you make?
  • How should you edit and publish it?
  • How should you engage with your audience?

Your approach to content marketing requires a lot of brainstorming, and you need to identify exactly how you’re going to use your content to drive people to your event. Many businesses find they have great content but haven’t targeted it to the relevant market.

How to Create Outstanding Content for Your Event

Creating content for your event can be distilled into 3 fundamental best practices.

1. Understand your audience

Creating good content starts by knowing and understanding your audience:

  • Who is your event for?
  • What’s the age range?
  • In what particular location or area?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How do they, usually, access information they need online?

It is easy to tell people about your products or services. But how do you know that it’s what they need? Listening to their insights and feedback is important in order to create a content strategy that appeals to them. Thus, the first step is to connect with your customers. Nowadays, connecting with your customers is easier than ever, thanks to social media.

2. Give them enough information in a creative way

When creating a content for your event, make sure that you are giving people all the information they need. It’s not enough that you tell them when, where and how. To gain their attention, you must be creative with your approach. That is why you have an option, say for instance on Facebook, to attach a photo or video to your event invitation.

Create an attractive digital poster that will really capture the attention of your target audience. And give them the right information to easily find your event venue. For example, let them know that you are placing an inflatable dancer in front of the building or at the entrance, or some banners and specific lights. If you already have the layout of your event organized, upload a photo of it. Make it fun, vibrant, colorful (if suitable) and really appealing to your target audience. If you can upload a video, that’s even better!

3. Optimize your content

Lastly, you need to leverage tools and resources to promote your content. Yes, you need to promote your content too, not just your event. Of course, you want to increase your search traffic. With millions of pieces of content being created every day, it can be difficult to get noticed without incorporating some elements of an SEO strategy. You can begin by looking at which content has been most popular with your target audience. Analyze the structure, subject, layout and design of that content and try to figure out why it worked.

Communicating with your target audience online is one of the best ways to promote your event. But you need to have an outstanding content strategy to make it work. Start by understanding your customers and listening to what they want. Next, take time to really capture their attention through the structure and design of your content. Lastly, leverage tools that will optimize your content and make it more searchable and accessible to your target market.

Nelly Achi

Nelly is a writer, social media and content marketing manager. She has been interested in marketing since she was young and wants to share her creative ideas and unusual approach to marketing with others. Nelly is deeply convinced that marketing is everything and it’s a crucial part of our lives. On a regular basis, she delivers various concepts on how to market products, services and events.


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12/08/2022 Keith B Levin
Excellent and informative. Start listening more to the needs of the customers as this is a new playing field for us all. We need to adapt to our new environment. Talk less and listen more as our customers have concerns that differ from our past.