10 Great Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

To continually succeed in this competitive world, businesses must always come up with innovative marketing strategies.

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10 Great Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows

Trade shows have always been a very effective way to showcase products and services. At the same time they have also become a place where you can explore new and upcoming ideas in the field, not to mention getting a sneak peek at what the competition is exploring.

When you take a company to a trade show, it might be difficult for you to stand out on the floor. Thus, you have to make sure that you stand out without increasing your budget. In order to do this, you need a few creative marketing ideas.

1. Plan a Theme

In order to be one step ahead of your competitors, you need to plan a theme for your booth. It might be related to your niche or something completely random and try to integrate it into everything that you are doing for the event. The more you integrate your brand with the theme, the more people will recognize and remember you.

2. Buy Unique Marketing Supplies

If you want to grab the attention of potential customers, you have to provide the clients with something unique. Keep in mind that by the end of the day visitors will be leaving with a variety of notepads and pens, so you need to think of something else.

3. Lay the Marketing Groundwork

Do not spend all your money on the day of the exhibition. Allocate some of your budget to pre-event advertising, too as this will help in developing brand awareness. Partner with businesses and organizations that will offer you pre-event exposure.

4. Build Anticipation

You can get people excited about upcoming conventions on your social media. Try and engage with people who will likely be visiting, build up your profile and ensure that people will know you will be there and maybe even offer incentives for them to come and visit your stand.

5. Offer Incentives

You have to capitalize on everybody’s favorite word ‘free’ by giving people incentives to engage with your brand. These incentives need to be low-work and high-reward in order to engage as many people as you can.

6. Offer a Helpful Service

During the event, you should offer something that the customers want or need and make sure that no one else is offering this. Try and think outside the box; maybe you offer a free consultation or people can charge their mobile devices at your booth.

7. Create an Easy Way to Engage

When the potential customers visit your booth, you have to offer them an easy way to engage. Make sure that they can follow you on social media or at least join your email list. Ensure your sales people are approachable and accessible in order to engage with as many people as possible.

8. Entertain Them

If you’re really stuck for ideas, then try a different tact and get an entertainer at your booth. This could involve anything from balloon modelling, to magic tricks. An entertainer who can make the prospective customers laugh will be a huge hit.

9. Offer a Place to Relax

If you can offer a place to relax, more people will be likely to visit your booth. Charging stations, free coffee and remote working spots will be incredibly popular. You could even hook up a games console or TV.

10. Offer Snacks

Food is a great conversation starter and will also likely encourage visitors to stop by your stand. Offering small snacks or hot food is a great incentive for visitors to talk to you.

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