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Report ON24 Taking Your In-Person Events Digital

Taking Your In-Person Events Digital

Create engaging digital events that scale

Few things are as effective in the sales process as human-to-human engagement, which is why, even in the world of digital marketing, in-person events rank as the No. 1 demand gen tactic. But, with increased travel restrictions and budgets requiring data-backed ROI, event marketers are looking to digital alternatives to maximise event experiences. When creating a digital event strategy, there are two approaches: creating a hybrid digital and in-person event or going all in with a digital approach. Here are some considerations when assessing whether you should complement your in-person event with digital experiences or replace it outright.

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  • Leverage Webinars To Stream And Produce All Your Keynotes And Event Sessions
  • Customize Content Landing Pages To Promote Events And Showcase Key Sessions
  • Capture Actionable Audience Engagement And Content Performance Insights