The Selfie Frame: 5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs One


Louise Richardson Copywriter at Mediaworks

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Are you planning on hosting a corporate event and want to make sure it’s a success? From trade fairs to staff parties, these occasions are a company’s opportunity to network, recruit and boost staff morale — but how do you arrange a great event?

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The Selfie Frame: 5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs O

One way could be by incorporating selfie frames. These essential party pieces are a fast-rising trend when it comes to organized events.     


When organizing a corporate event, entertainment should be high up on your agenda. However, entertainment generally costs money. If you’re arranging an event on a budget, choosing a few templates can help to get everyone mingling without over-spending.

Compared to many other types of entertainment, like photo booths, singers, comedians, and magicians, the selfie frame is pretty cheap. Plus, you can also receive free customization and free delivery when you order, which means your selfie frame purchase will account for only a very small part of your company’s budget.

Mark an event

Advertising positives in your business is excellent for spreading brand awareness and getting yourself noticed for the right reasons. Is it your brand’s birthday? Have you had your most successful year to date? Whatever the occasion, customizing a selfie frame to shout about it is a lovely touch for your staff to enjoy.

If it’s a special occasion, this calls for a customized template — like a personalized Instagram frame to make it stand out even more.

Boost your social media channels

Running a social media-friendly business is crucial in 2018 — if you’re not engaging with people on these platforms, you could be significantly hindering your company’s development. Selfies frames are excellent for getting noticed online. Plus, they create fun and shareable photos that many people are inclined to upload to their personal Facebook and Instagram accounts — free advertising!

But will being available on social media benefit your company all that much? By sharing the photos on your company’s social media channels, you’re showing your followers how important staff morale and building a sociable team are to your brand. You’ll also be advertising the theme of your event — advantageous if you’ve made amazing profits or won a great partnership deal. Remember, even if some staff don’t upload selfie frame images themselves, they’ll likely be tagged in them by other people. Essentially, these images could significantly increase the possibility of attracting new business or employee interest.

Improve networking ability

Another bonus of the selfie frame is that it may just boost your ability to network efficiently and make vital business contacts. Networking can be daunting — then there are all the new faces you have to remember! The selfie frame not only encourages guests and team members to join together and acquire new connections — like a business card for the 21st century — but the photos help you to remember who was there on the day and perhaps even make connections on LinkedIn or similar platforms.

Why not invest in a customized selfie frame featuring your company logo for promotional purposes? If you get this shared on social media, you could attract a pool of new prospective employees, too!

Make staff communication easier

How you treat your staff is very important — encourage a fun and engaging atmosphere, and staff morale will get a boost. But at work, many staff members may not get much chance to chat and socialize, which could hinder communication and lead to an unsociable working life. On a staff night out or team-building day, a selfie frame could be the injection of fun your staff needs. Plus, they’re easy for everyone to use, which means staff can use them to ‘break the ice’!

Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson has been a copywriter at digital marketing agency, Mediaworks, since September 2017. After graduating with a degree in Media Production from University of Sunderland, Louise completed a post-graduate course in Magazine Journalism at PMA Media Training in London before becoming a freelance writer, where she wrote articles for multiple industries. Prior to her position at Mediaworks, Louise was a content writer at travel agency, Hays Travel, and digital marketing company, Visualsoft.


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