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Report Docusign Unblocking Modern Selling Processes

Unblocking Modern Selling Processes

Using digital agreements to remove clogs and bottlenecks from your sales pipeline

A high-performing sales team is crucial to profitability. However, sales teams don’t operate in a vacuum and many workflows associated with sales agreements still utilize inefficient manual processes. This outdated approach drains resources, creates compliance risk and can even put deals in jeopardy. In fact, 90% of today’s business agreements are generated manually in some way. This whitepaper highlights results from a study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by DocuSign, to examine the way an efficient sales process can benefit the entire organization. Whether selling to customers or other businesses, a streamlined agreement process allows salespeople to add more value to the business. By saving time with automation and integrations, sellers can focus on generating new leads, following inbound inquiries and ensuring existing clients receive first-class customer service.

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  • Selling the benefits of digitization 
  • The current state of the sales department 
  • The impact of inefficient agreements 
  • Optimizing your sales agreement process 
  • Prioritizing the agreement process after the signature 
  • Building the case for change