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The Chief Marketing Officer Journal: What Current Trends Mean for CMOs and Marketing Leaders in 2023

The Q4 edition of the Chief Marketing Officer Journal highlights the major trends that emerged for marketers this year and the impact this is going to have in 2023.

Change may have been the only constant for CMOs this year. Between economic turbulence and inflation, to shifting consumer sentiment, to changes in consumer data privacy - Marketing Leaders have had to shift focus many times this year. So what does this mean for CMOs and marketing leaders as they head in 2023?

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Use this Chief Marketing Officer Journal to:

  • Discover trends from 2022 that will continue in 2023
  • Understand how inflation will impact brand loyalty
  • Build coordination and alignment between marketing and sales to meet buyer's needs
  • Learn what the best-in-class brands share in common
  • Calibrate efforts and ensure that 2023 marketing technology investments return value, unlock data and enable growth