6 Must-Have Words For Any Marketing CV


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Monday, October 2, 2017

The words you choose for your CV identify what kind of professional you are. Here are the must-have words for any marketing CV.

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6 Must-Have Words For Any Marketing CV

You don't have to go too far on the internet to see something about the importance of having a good CV. One of the biggest elements of this is putting the right words on the document, as this allows recruiters and potential future employers to identify the type of professional you are.

In the digital age, the words and terms you put on your CV will have a big influence on which recruiters and employers will find you. So if you are looking to find your next marketing role, or just want to make sure your CV is kept up to date, what should you be including on it?


Communication is such a big part of modern day marketing that it is completely remiss to leave this off your CV. You need to have to strong skills in working with your team, as well as being able to communicate the key message of campaigns. Make sure both of these are addressed on your CV, preferably with examples of how you have demonstrated strengths in this area.


Whether you are looking for a role that directly involves PPC or not, any marketing professional needs to be aware of where it stands in campaigns. It may be that your experience has mainly focused on organic search and how to control user experience, but employers will be looking for someone who at least understands where PPC can boost or influence a campaign.


As with PPC, this is the bread and butter of marketing experience, and most companies will be looking for experience in both. More and more businesses are wanting their marketing efforts to generate organic traffic to their website with engaging content or other means. Your CV should demonstrate your understanding of what role this plays in marketing campaigns and how online content, user experience, and SEO can influence it.


You should use training to signpost what personal development you have undertaken, and what you have learnt in your current role. It's also a good idea to talk about where you'd want to further develop your skills. Marketing changes unbelievably quickly so it's important that your potential employer sees you as a professional who is willing to adapt.


Whether you have been heavily involved in social media campaigns or not, you need to have a basic understanding of where these platforms come in relation to marketing. Don't try and reference every channel you've ever heard of, but focus on one or two that you have the most experience of.


More marketers are having to work closely with other third-party companies. Whether this is PR, online content, social media, or legal, it's important that your CV demonstrates that you are capable of working with people outside your own company. This shows that you can stick to your own goals within a project, but listen and understand the needs of other companies.

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