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Ebook Bazaarvoice

The state of omnichannel retail

How to influence shoppers researching online, buying offline, and everything in between

Product research isn’t just conducted online (and at home) prior to purchase. Shoppers are also researching in-store, at point of sale. As the line between online and offline shopping continues to blur, how can you ensure you’re giving shoppers everything they need to make a successful purchase? We asked over 6,000 global consumers how they prefer to research and buy products so you can build an omnichannel retail strategy that works.

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Download the e-book now to learn:

  • How consumers prefer to research and buy products both online and in-store
  • Common factors that influence consumers to shop online vs. in-store
  • How global brands are thinking about and planning omnichannel retail experiences
  • How to calculate the impact that shoppers researching online and buying offline has on sales