Why You Should Care About Customer Experience


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ensuring your business provides a positive experience for your customers is a key part of achieving success.

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Why You Should Care About Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is a crucial element of any business' success and encourages loyalty from consumers. If you need further convincing about why exactly you should be prioritizing this area of your marketing, then read on.

Stand out from the chaos

In the modern advertising world, people are surrounded by companies trying to push their products or services onto them. Engaging consumers can be an incredibly difficult task in this environment, but there are ways you can reach out to your personas. Providing a high level of customer experience can be an effective way of helping your company stand out from this saturation of advertising.

Many customers are tired of being constantly sold something, so using your time to focus on identifying what their key pain points are, and tailoring your CX around this, can be an effective way of engaging them.

Boost satisfaction

Research has shown that companies focusing on boosting the customer experience through the buying journey could increase their consumer satisfaction by as much as 20%. The customer journey is directly related to the level of customer experience your consumers receive so you need to really understand the former to be able to deliver the latter, and that should be enough to convince you that CX is essential.

Celebrate your brand values

The customer experience is an easy way to tell your audience what it is you care about most. Whether it's a social issue that your product or service helps support, charity work you do as a company, or the ways you are a responsible organization, the conscience of your business can be reflected in your CX.

How you do it is completely up to you, but should depend on your key personas and the buying cycle. Maybe you want to show your consumer that the customer is always right by offering no-questions-asked refunds, or that you want to donate a percentage of a certain product to a social cause. Either way, your customer experience is a positive way you can show consumers that your brand values are sincere.

Reduces churn rate

By encouraging advocacy and loyalty, CX can reduce the churn rate among your customers, saving you money and ensuring you build more long-term relationships. Looking at those who are taking their business elsewhere can help you identify where your customer experience needs to be improved. When you develop your customer experience strategy, it's important to find these areas and build on them, delivering a more consistent and effective service for consumers.

It has a considerable impact on your reputation

In the age of social media, brands can no longer try to hide the times where their customers are dissatisfied. Not taking your customer experience seriously can result in a PR disaster, like that United Airlines experience after a passenger was dragged off one of their flights. No matter how good their deals are, many people won't want to book a trip with the company, which shows how damaging just one bad customer experience can be.

However, being able to repair your mistakes can show exactly how important customer experience is to your business and foster loyalty for your brand.

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