7 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Virtual Reality


Thomas RoachIT Content Creator and Researcher

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Virtual reality is fast proving its usefulness in a number of ways, and it's time for brands to start leveraging this technology for a more immersive customer experience with a higher percentage of conversions.

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7 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Virtual Reality

The concept of brands offering free samples and trials of their products or services is nothing new. We’ve all seen those food stalls in supermarkets offering bite-sized portions of a new flavor, or we might have made use of a 14-day free trial for an online service before having to pay to continue using it.

Virtual reality (VR) takes the notion of ‘try before you buy’ to a different level. Rather than just getting a taster of the product or service, the technology allows you to properly immerse yourself in the brand’s offering. Even a brief flirtation with VR will give you a very solid impression as to whether you want to go through with the transaction or save your money for something else.

This can be very beneficial for companies in enhancing customer experience and encouraging loyalty. When customers know that a product or service can be trusted before even having to pay for it, they’ll be more than happy to invest in it so that they can enjoy it to its fullest. They appreciate the transparency of being given a free sample rather than being forced to take a company’s marketing team at their word.

Another benefit is that the technology is still relatively new, so brands who have already adopted VR have been able to draw upon the novelty factor. VR is such an immersive experience that a customer’s first use of it is going to leave an indelible impression, therefore more likely to lead to an instant conversion.

This infographic from The Missing Link outlines different ways brands can benefit from VR in marketing their products or services, with adoption likely to increase significantly over the next couple of years as companies become more au fait with this innovative technology.

7 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Virtual Reality? [Infographic]

Thomas Roach

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