3 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Listen to Your Customer


Jessica Leone B2B Content Marketing Manager at Valpak

Friday, January 18, 2019

Customers are a business’ life blood and so it’s crucial that you listen to what they’re telling you. But sometimes, there are some pretty good reasons for ignoring them.

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3 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Listen to Your Customer

Every business, regardless of the industry, has to listen to its’ customers to some extent. Your customer will poke holes in your current product or service and tell you how to improve based on what they want or need. However, customers don’t always know what’s best for them and, sometimes, you have to show them.

While customer feedback is helpful to understand what’s working and what’s not, it’s easy to get stuck in this cycle. Sometimes it’s necessary to take these opinions with a grain of salt. And there are some key scenarios for when ignoring your customers is actually a good idea:

  • You want to grow and expand your current product or service
  • You are looking to push the boundaries and innovate with a new concept or idea
  • You want to shock and surprise your customers with something unexpected
  • You seek to challenge the norm and disrupt an industry

Check out the infographic below for company examples, scenarios, and tips on when not to listen to your customer. It even includes types of customers you may face along the way and helpful tips on how to approach and advertise to them.

3 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Listen to Your Customer [Infographic]

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