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Report salesforce Trends in Integrated Customer Experiences

Trends in Integrated Customer Experiences

Customers have high expectations of the businesses they buy from, and their perceptions are driven by a multitude of factors. This research explores 360-degree CX expectations and challenges...

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to shake up an already competitive landscape, personalised experiences alone aren’t enough to win over customers. 70% of customers now say connected experiences are very important in winning their business. Businesses are shifting gears to unlock and connect data that provides relevant, valuable perspectives on customer needs and business opportunities. But progress toward truly connected experiences has been slow, and customers’ elevated expectations remain largely unmet. Read this research report to learn more.

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  • Why connected customer experiences are becoming a focal point for businesses
  • How connected applications and data underpin connected experiences
  • What technical challenges IT teams face in empowering connected experiences, and what they’re doing to overcome them