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Report EX: The Secret to Unleashing Your CX Advantage

EX: The Secret to Unleashing Your CX Advantage

The critical role of employee experience (EX) in driving exceptional customer experience (CX)

Customer experience (CX) transformation is a top business priority. And for good reason. In an omnichannel world, where consumers have endless options available to them at their fingertips. CX has quickly emerged as the single-most important brand differentiator. It even trumps price. Whether the approach is high-tech, high-touch, or falls somewhere in between, one thing is clear: the brands with the best CX will win.

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This report from Axonify will highlight:

• What exactly is CX?

• That critical “EX” factor

• Four ways to keep frontline employees engaged

• Meet your EX secret weapon

• CX stories from the frontline