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Case Study How THE ICONIC Manages Massive User Growth With Auth0

How THE ICONIC Manages Massive User Growth With Auth0

A retailer with 200 new products a day, 13 million site visits per month, and major identity needs.

THE ICONIC is the most downloaded fashion app in Australia and New Zealand. The company credits its success to its DIY ethos and its relentless focus on customer experience. But that success posed a challenge to the brand when its user base rapidly expanded, and its in-house identity management system needed support to keep up with the growing demand. THE ICONIC needed an authentication solution that protected customer data, integrated with their legacy applications, and didn’t sacrifice UX. And they needed it quickly.

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“At one stage, we were yelling and screaming and cheering that we placed 1,000 orders, and suddenly you blink, and you're sitting on millions of credentials and thinking, wow, this is a very different landscape." - Piers Warmers, Principal Software Engineer