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Report Confirmit 7 Secrets of Customer Experience Success

7 Secrets of Customer Experience Success

How to build a clear CX model that will help you effectively capture and act upon the Voice of the Customer.

Over the past few years customer experience (CX) programmes have become an established way to deliver enhanced customer experiences, engage employees and drive business change. In markets where product and price differentiation are limited, CX programmes can deliver higher revenues, improved retention or reduced costs. The benefits have been well documented, so why isn’t every business running a slick and successful CX programme? The answer is simple, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and CX is very easy to get wrong.

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Top Tips:

  • Run everything by your CFO - if the numbers stack-up you’ll be well on your way to securing approval and budget.
  • Think about the functional leads for each aspect of your business and identify customer experience champions within those teams.
  • Ensure that your judgments about the customer journey and experience are verified by customers.
  • Don’t try to boil the ocean!