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Report Adobe 2021 Digital Trends - Technology Media, Entertainment & Telecoms Industry

2021 Digital Trends - Technology Media, Entertainment & Telecoms Industry

Four key digital trends set to impact media, entertainment & telecoms companies

The media, entertainment, and telecoms sectors are currently amidst a period of major disruption, with the Covid-19 pandemic driving increased digital consumption and the arrival of 5G creating new commercial opportunities. The 2021 Digital Trends Report explores what has changed in the last year as a result of the pandemic, and the trends that are waiting around the corner, including: The impact of 5G on the current media landscape and the challenges that must be overcome for organisations to succeed. The characteristics of those companies that are significantly outperforming the sector. Recommendations about where companies should be focusing over the year ahead.

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  • New opportunities in a world changed by Covid
  • Better and more personalised experiences are a business priority, but legacy systems create complications
  • Technology, culture and CX focus are key to succes