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Report Tusker Why Benefits are Essential to Employee Engagement

Why Benefits are Essential to Employee Engagement

Excellent employee benefits are more than a 'nice to have' for recruitment and retention. They're a critical part of the foundations upon which employee engagement is developed.

However, even with a continued focus on employee engagement, some organisations are missing a trick when it comes to the benefits on offer. This paper provides a step-by-step guide to creating the right conditions for employee engagement to thrive.

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  • Technology - adaptable and scalable online systems with secure online accounts
  • Employee decision making support - within the provider’s website but also through staff communications
  • Compliance - an ability to adapt to meet changing regulations to ensure benefits provision is legal and to support the council with change
  • Administrative support - automated workflows that enhance efficiency
  • Analytic insights - reporting tools that enable organisations to understand sign up rates, employer NI savings and other useful metrics