6 Unusual Perks Your Employees Will Love


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Employee perks are an effective way of ensuring your staff feel valued and remain loyal to your company, but do you need to think outside the box?

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6 Unusual Perks Your Employees Will Love

Businesses now understand the advantages of offering employees benefits as part of their role but is it time to think outside the box? With candidates being more bothered about what type of company they're working for, rather than how much they're being paid, it's important that your business is able to stand out from the crowd.

Employee benefits can be an effective way of showing candidates what type of company you are, and what priorities you have, as well as making sure staff feel valued in their role.

Here are some employee perks that can help you stand out as an employer:

A gig in the office

Take a leaf out of Buzzfeed's employer handbook and treat your employees to gigs in the office. You don't have to secure Oasis or the Rolling Stones to make an impact, invite local musicians or bands along to entertain your staff and encourage colleagues to interact at the same time.

Big event payouts

Are employees getting married, having a baby or moving house? These big life events can be expensive to say the least and getting a small cash prize from your employer can make all the difference. Most colleagues will do a collection when someone in the office has a big life event, so why not contribute as an employer and make it part of your benefits scheme?

Help them give something back

Google and Facebook both give their employees a certain number of hours each year to volunteer at a charity. For millennials who are typically more socially conscious than previous generations, having an employer that supports your ethical and moral values can be a strong attractor.

Beauty budget

Giving each employee £50 per month or per quarter to spend on beauty can make a massive impact to morale. From manicures to pedicures, and massages or haircuts, there's plenty of ways to treat your employees and make them feel - and look - fabulous. Why not team up with a local salon or a couple of local businesses to help support them too?

Dress to impress

Making the right impression when you start a new job can be terrifying and expensive if you're previous company's dress code isn't appropriate. Why not offer new starters a sum to help them get a wardrobe that is fit for your company. This way you ensure they feel at home from day one, and they can be confident there will be no sartorial faux pas.

Drink cart Friday

Treating employees to a drink on a Friday afternoon can go down a treat. A selection of beers, wines and alcohol-free drinks will give people plenty of options and is a small sign of your gratitude. It can also be a more affordable option for small companies that don't have as much spare cash to flaunt on employee benefits.

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