7 Tips for Improving Employee Commutes [Infographic]


Zachary Kee-ClemmerContent Creator for Siege Media

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

As well as added stress and financial strain, employees with long commutes can easily burnout, costing the business thousands. So what can you do as an employer to improve employee commutes?

Infographic 4 Minutes
7 Tips for Improving Employee Commutes [Infographi

Long commutes are increasingly becoming the norm, with over 600,000 Americans having “megacommutes” of 90 minutes or more. And these commutes take a hard toll on those who have them — long commutes are proven to increase cortisol levels, increase blood pressure, and make you abnormally frustrated.

Bad commutes also take quite a hit on your wallet, with the average commute costing roughly $2,600 per year. Whether it’s the extra gas and car maintenance expenses or parking and rideshare fees, traveling to and from work is a hefty expense that many simply can’t afford.

Commutes are even getting so bad that many employees are willing to quit or take substantial pay cuts just to work closer to home. If companies want to retain and keep those high-level, talented employees motivated, they’re going to need to offer a serious commute benefits package. The Zebra covers essential commuting perks that companies need to start offering in 2019.

From extensive work-from-home or telecommute opportunities to commuting tax benefits and parking/gas reimbursements, the list has seven top commute benefits and why they’re important. Their infographic also covers how commutes are getting worse and the benefits of having a positive commute. Take a look at the full infographic below.

  7 Tips for Improving Employee Commutes [Infographic]


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