The Ultimate List of Workplace Perks


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Friday, August 10, 2018

Workplace perks can be weird, unusual or completely standard but what matters is that they work for your company and its employees.

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The Ultimate List of Workplace Perks

Workplace perks can be a great way to increase loyalty to your company and could even help you secure talent in the first place. But do yours measure up to the ones on our ultimate list?

38 workplace perks you can use in your office

Employee engagement is at the heart of enabling a productive workforce. More and more perks are being thrown at employees to keep them sweet. Useful tools for your management or just the latest fads? We’ll let you decide…

Arcade games

Who doesn't love reliving their childhood? Arcade games in the office can be the perfect way for employees to let off a bit of steam during the day or bond with their colleagues.

Birthday lay-in

Everyone deserves a treat on their birthday and what’s better than not having to set your alarm? Allowing employees to get an extra bit of rest or enjoy a leisurely morning is something that most will value.

Buying incentives

From laptops to cars, there's a whole range of items that companies can help their staff buy. It's also a great way to get people invested in your company values. For example, Virgin gives employees a discount if they lease an environmentally-friendly car.

Childcare support

Offering employees some form of childcare support, whether it's an in-house creche or vouchers to help look after their offspring while they're at work, can be an effective way of keeping professionals around for longer.

Chill out area

Work can be stressful but being able to have a space where you can get away from it can make a massive difference. Chill out areas can contain pretty much anything you like but sofas, drinks stations and games are a good place to start.

Cleaning service

People spend a massive amount of their time at work so things can quickly slip at home. Offering employees a cleaner once a month can have a truly positive impact on their personal life, making them happier and more effective workers.

Coffee and tea with a twist

Why not team up with a local coffee shop or tea room to give your employees more than just the standard brew? It shows that you're giving back into your local community and that you want to give your staff nothing but the best.

Company shares

One of the oldest employee perks, but something that has dropped off in popularity in recent years, company shares are a great way to show you value the contribution your employees make and to get them invested (literally) in the business.

Company devices

If you expect people to go to meetings, answer the phone outside of working hours or be flexible at all, giving them a company phone or laptop (or both) can be a great way to help them out. It also allows them to keep their personal and professional devices separate.

Dog-friendly offices

Many studies have shown the positive impact animals can have, so why not let people bring their beloved pets into the office? Of course, make sure you check with your employees first to see whether they have fears or allergies or it could very well have the opposite effect you intended.

Duvet day

Everyone has that one day when you just can't face work. Giving employees the chance to have a duvet day once a year or quarter can ensure they are a much better employee when they do come to the office.

Employee discount

Offering your employees a discount on your products or services for themselves, family and friends can be a great way to create a strong company culture.

Flexible working hours

Giving staff the freedom to pick their own working hours can foster trust between you and your employees, while also making it easier to balance family life with their career.

Free classes

From cooking to dancing and even criminology, encouraging professionals to learn outside of the office can be a great way to help them develop their skills and show your appreciation.

Free internet

It's pretty standard that you expect people to have the internet, so why not foot the bill for them? This ensures they will have a reliable connection too, giving them the freedom to work from home if necessary.

Free lunches

Google is famous for the free lunches it offers staff from its on-campus restaurants but you can always bring in some food or allow employees to order from an online company if you don't fancy an office expansion. 

Free massages

Another one the search engine giant is well-known for, but back and neck problems affect most office-based employees so why not consider getting a professional in to sort it out?

Free shuttles

If your company is out of the way or is in a busy city center, it could prove valuable to introduce a free shuttle service for your employees. Not only do they not have to worry about the cost of travel but you also ensure they all arrive on time.

Fruit basket

Junk food is often a lot easier to grab than a healthy snack, so make it easy for your employees to look after themselves. Having a fruit basket arrive daily or weekly can be a treat that prioritizes your staff's long-term health.

Generous parental leave

There's often a massive discrepancy between companies in terms of what they offer new parents. Push the boat out and offer generous parental leave to both mothers and fathers and you'll create an atmosphere that is family friendly and will ensure employees stay committed.


Think a little outside the box for your next social event and invite a local band to come play in your office. It's a great way of showing that you're an employer that likes to do things a little differently.

Gym membership

We all know how expensive gym memberships can be but getting a group deal for your whole workforce can actually be incredibly cost-efficient, especially if it helps them become fitter and healthier.

Health apps

Health apps can be a good way to get your staff fit but also encourage better collaboration between teams. You can set up competitions and events to channel your employees' drive and ambition too.

Income protection

There are varying degrees of income protection that employers can offer their staff, but it can be a massive weight off their minds if something prevents them from working for a period of time. You'll also find it provides a massive incentive to candidates.

In-office salon

Google is famous for its in-house facilities and a salon is one of them. What better way to make employees feel valued and their very best?

In-office bar

Drinks in the office are becoming much more commonplace for modern companies. You'll find employees use it responsibly and you can make the most of it to get the creative juices flowing on a Friday afternoon or during brainstorms.

Regular training

Of course, training should be a standard part of being an employer but why not take it one step further? Reach out to industry leaders and invite them to come give a talk at your company or research nearby events that staff can attend.

Tuition reimbursement

Student loans are a massive burden to many professionals so why not foot the bill or at least contribute to their repayments? You could also sponsor staff to further their education while working for you.

Mental health support

Mental health in the workplace is becoming a massive issue for employers so show your staff that it's something you prioritize by giving them access to mental health support. Companies like Virgin provide 24/7 access to trained counsellors for their employees.

Museum discounts

Why not give your employees extra incentives to learn and develop their creativity? By offering museum discounts to your staff, there's no excuse not to get involved. 

Nap room

Allowing employees to get a bit more sleep at work is actually becoming pretty common with major brands like the Huffington Post bringing it into the spotlight. According to Arianna Huffington, it prioritizes the health of employees and ensures they are better professionals.

Paid sabbatical

A variety of companies, including PwC and Adobe, offer paid sabbaticals for their employees, believing it makes them better team members.

Personal care allowance

Working hard can take its toll so why not give employees an allowance to treat themselves? From a haircut to new clothes, it can all make a difference to how your team feel about themselves and how invested they feel in your company.

Private health insurance

Providing high-standard private health insurance shows employees that you prioritize their health as an employer and can make the difference when it comes to retention.

Selling holiday

Allowing employees to have a little flexibility over their annual leave can be a massive bonus. Giving them the ability to buy or sell a handful of holiday days can give them the freedom they need.

Social events

Giving staff the chance to let their hair down once in a while is a fairly standard employee perk but why not introduce more regular events than just the annual Christmas party?

Travel cards

The cost of travel to and from work can soon add up, so give your employees a bit of extra help by getting this bill for them.

Unlimited holiday days

Companies like Virgin offer unlimited holiday days and, according to them, there's usually no difference compared to the standard allocation. So why not give staff a little more freedom?

Volunteering days

If giving back to the community is important to your company and its values, allocating a certain number of days each year where professionals are able to volunteer instead of going to work can make a massive difference.

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