9 Office Perks You Need to Improve Retention


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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Employees want more than a higher salary. These days, with the rise of the Millennials, it’s all about company culture and how an organization treats its employees. So which office perks do you need to be offering in order to keep your top talent?

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9 Office Perks You Need to Improve Retention

We’ve all heard about the amazing office perks that companies like Google, Amazon and Nike offer. From doggie daycares to fully catered cafeterias and nap pods, the perks alone make these companies look like great places to work.

Company culture is becoming increasingly important to people when making decisions about where they are going to work. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work so it makes sense that employees want to work somewhere they enjoy being. People are the foundation of any business and the more motivated and loyal your employees are, the more success you are likely to have.

Office perks are one way you can reward your staff and show that you appreciate their contribution. While it may involve an initial expense, the results for your business will be worth the cost. It will help you keep your star talent on board and also attract new talent. Here are nine office perks you should consider in 2018.

A positive office environment

If you’re spending every day at the office, you want your office to be a pleasant place to work. You want the environment to make you feel good and to be conducive to productive work. A dark, dank office cubicle is not going to make you feel motivated to do your best work. Create an office environment that is going to make your employees feel comfortable and happy.

Some factors that you should keep in mind is how light and open the office feels. Are there areas where employees can go to take a break? Details such as these can make a big difference to an employee’s day-to-day experience at work. Something else to consider is how ergonomic the office is. You don’t want your employees to be crouched over at their desks becoming tired and sore. Some office perks that can make a difference to the atmosphere include:

  1. A chill-out area for employees to relax
  2. A functional kitchen area
  3. Standing desks/fitness balls to work with

Wellness benefits for everyone to enjoy

There has been a lot more focus on health and wellness in recent years and the link between healthy, happy employees and productivity. If you are an employer, it is in your interests to encourage your employees to exercise, eat healthily and take care of their mental health. Offering office perks that are based around health and wellness is one way of ensuring that your staff are looking after themselves. Some health and wellness-related office benefits include:

  1. Free healthy snacks
  2. On-site gym or yoga or fitness classes
  3. Counselling services

Flexible working arrangements

These days the typical 9-5 workday isn’t for everybody. Depending on your home life and other commitments you have, it might be easier for you to start work early and finish early or to have the mornings off and work into the evening. For this reason, one of the best office perks you can offer is flexibility. This can take the form of allowing your employees to work hours that are more compatible with their lifestyle and emphasizing the importance of work-life balance.

This might also involve giving your employees the opportunity to take time off to volunteer or providing them with social responsibility opportunities. Employees feel happier and more fulfilled when they are giving back to their community and is a good way of demonstrating your company’s values. Ways that you can offer flexible working arrangements as a perk include:

  1. Allowing staff to bring their children or pets to work
  2. Paid volunteer time off and paid parental leave
  3. Flexible working hours

Office perks should be based on your employees’ needs and aim to make their day-to-day experience at work better. The happier and more valued your team members feel at work, the more motivated and inspired they will be. This will ultimately have a positive effect on your business and ensure that the backbone of your company is made up of hard-working and loyal employees.

Jennifer Kerr

Content Marketing Specialist at Non Stop Signs


Jennifer Kerr is a Content Marketing Specialist working at Non Stop Signs in LA. She is a lover of all things digital and has a special interest in creating compelling content for the digital world.


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