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Report zine Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy and Success

Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy and Success

Influencer marketing is still a young industry, and the landscape is pretty chaotic. This report goes beyond the nice-to-know numbers to give real insight into influencer marketing...

Influencer marketing – the glamorous offspring of referral marketing and social media – is already accounting for up to 25% of brands’ marketing budgets. And whilst there is some information out there on influencer marketing, such as budgets and channel use, understanding your influencers could improve your marketing strategy and implementation right from the start. This report details the survey responses of 1,000 influencers to uncover motivations and biggest challenges faced in the industry.

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  • Researching influencers – how to find the right influencers for your brand
  • Engaging with influencers – budgets and branding  
  • Campaign execution and analysis – creative ownership and metrics